Oklahoma State Report Card

State Superintendent

Joy Hofmeister


(405) 521-3301


698,800 (2019)



* Enrollment as of October 1st for the 2018 - 2019 school year.


Academic Achievement D

How prepared are students for the next grade, course or level?

Points Possible: 45

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Academic Growth C

How are students growing compared to their performance the previous year?

Points Possible: 30

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English Language Proficiency Progress B

How well are English learners meeting their language-acquisition targets?

Points Possible: 15

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Chronic Absenteeism C

What percentage of students is in good attendance?

Points Possible: 10

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Postsecondary Opportunities C

How well are schools helping students gain early college and career exposure?

Points Possible: 10

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Graduation D

Compared to other schools, how well is the school supporting students at graduating in four, five or six years?

Points Possible: 10

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Oklahoma State

2500 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
United States