2017 - 2018


KG - 08 Grades


Paul Tryggestad


94 (2018)


(405) 579-1880



Programs Of Excellence

Beginning next year, Programs of Excellence will celebrate schools working to ensure students receive a well-rounded education in a safe and healthy environment. Schools identified as Programs of Excellence at one of three levels – bronze, silver or gold – will be distinguished for their evidence-based practices and support structures. Click here to learn more about how your school can foster Programs of Excellence.

  • Fine Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies and Civics
  • World Languages
  • Safe and Healthy Schools

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Academic Achievement NA

How prepared are students for the next grade, course or level?

Points Possible: 0

More details

Academic Growth NA

How are students growing compared to their performance the previous year?

Points Possible: 0

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English Language Proficiency Progress NA

How well are English learners meeting their language-acquisition targets?

Points Possible: 0

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Chronic Absenteeism B

What percentage of students is in good attendance?

Points Possible: 10

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Overall Grade NG *

How did the school perform overall?

Points Possible: 10

* School did not meet federally mandated 95% participation.


1120 East Main Street
Norman, OK 73071
United States